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Since the beginning of 2019, the FSM eV has been working intensively on the redesign of the playgrounds on Kölnberg. The trigger was a letter from the monkey class of the school in the south. This criticized the condition of the play areas in the residential complex. The children asked for support from the Rodenkirchen district council and were heard. Since then the FSM eV has been working on the financing of new playgrounds, which takes the needs of the families on site into account. The children are involved in the planning as actors and experts. For example, they were able to present their ideas themselves during a visit to landscape architect Petra Houstekova. They mastered this with flying colors. Whether through surveys in the classes, Lego buildings or self-made play equipment, the children know exactly what they want. Now they are eagerly awaiting another visit from the architect, who will soon present the plans for the playgrounds on Kölnberg in the school. Many thanks also to the Meschenich Children's and Youth Center, the German Sporthoschschule and the RheinFlanke, who also contributed to the survey of children and young people and with their specialist expertise.

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