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The FSM eV would like to give older people in Meschenich the opportunity to take part in social life even in times of Corona.


For this purpose, the friends' association organized a mobile coffee chat on four days in September, during which cakes and a greeting card were delivered to your home. This was done by volunteers, young people from Meschenich, who took the time for a short gossip.

On two Sundays, a distribution station was also set up in front of the Catholic Church so that the visitors could take a piece of cake with them after the service.


We thank the close citizens of Meschenich.


The project was carried out in cooperation with the citizens of Meschenich.

Mobile coffee chat

The project was funded by the Meschenich disposal fund as part of Starke Veedel - Starkes Köln.


Starke Veedel.webp

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