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Would you like to visit the room, rent it or have questions about the conditions?


Get in contact with us:


Social Funding Meschenich eV

Mobile: 0178 - 9277624




The project was funded by the Meschenich disposal fund as part of Starke Veedel - Starkes Köln.

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On the initiative of pediatrician Dr. Ursula Kleine-Diepenbruck allowed the multifunctional room in the Protestant community center to be redesigned in 2020. For this purpose, citizens, associations and committed people from and for Meschenich came together in order to create a friendly and flexible space through the redesign, which is now available for offers in Meschenich.

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The bearer of space is that

Friends of Social Meschenich eV

Are entitled to rent

- Registered clubs

- Projects that are in line with the association's goals

Association stand.


Renting is not possible for:

- Commercial events and commercial offers

- Private parties

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The rent charged covers the costs. no profit is made from the rental.


The cost of the rental per hour is

approx. € 7.50 - € 12.50

depending on the event and duration of use.


The administration and cleaning of the room are financed from the rent.


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