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The board of directors


Executive Board:

Stefan Jansen-Haß


1st chair:

Azbiye Kokol


2nd chair:

Katja Hendrichs



Willi Bollenbeck


Cash auditors


- Verena Aurbek

- Marliese Werner




- SüdArt artist network

- Self-organized senior network

- individuals


The Union


On August 30, 2005, the founding meeting of the Friends of Social Meschenich eV took place. Since then, the association has exclusively and directly pursued the promotion of non-profit purposes of the officially recognized associations of voluntary welfare in the sense of the section "tax-privileged purposes" of the tax regulation 1977 (§§ 51 ff AO) in the currently valid version.


This looks through

  • the procurement of funds to promote youth and elderly care, as well as the promotion of public and vocational education in the Cologne-Meschenich district.

  • Measures for this are carried out directly by the association itself, as well as by forwarding funds to other beneficiaries.


This is implemented in particular by

  • the promotion of the local social institutions,

  • social communication,

  • social-cultural activities,

  • the interreligious dialogue

  • the networking of various forms of social work in the district

  • Contact and advice offers for youth and family aid

  • Help for self-help in finding work, education and housing opportunities

  • Social analysis for the club's own purposes.

  • Disability assistance


The purpose of the statutes is realized by using and renting rooms for community work and youth welfare.


Furthermore, the sponsoring association is the sponsor of the city festival "Meschenich celebrates", which takes place every two years.


The Friends' Association is a member of the Meschenich eV community and association




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